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Atelier Bordelle’s SS20 is a celebration of the Victorian Aesthetic Movement, emphasising the lavish and extravagant tastes of the era. Each piece has been designed with the concept of ‘Art for Art’s Sake’ in mind, championing self-expression and an explosion of beauty over moral expectations. Divided across two ranges – Kew and Wilde – this season displays a decadent assortment of rich colour and texture. Dark and romantic themes of seduction and rebellion nod to the influential courtesans and risqué pastimes of Victorian London.

The bespoke embroidery of Wilde is inspired by key inventions of the time – X-rays and photography. An homage to Anna Atkins, supposedly the world’s first female photographer, whose obsession with flora and fauna stemmed from the common Victorian desire to collect and study the natural world.

The voile design features abstract patterns of decaying leaves in bright jewel tones. The distinct colourways cater to distinct moods, with Jade Green and opulent Gold and playful Navy and Rose. Featuring a softer, sheer voile as the base for the embroidery, Wilde showcases delicately feminine shapes with classic strapping, maintaining the Bordelle aesthetic.