Birds of Paradise : The Eden Robe

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Birds of Paradise's The Eden Robe offers stunning print in the luxurious 100% silk charmeuse - a moody grey backdrop with big, bright blooms. Just like every dark cloud has a silver lining, every challenging time has an upside, and you can always see it when you adjust your focus.

Sometimes we need the subtle reminders that there are always bright spots amongst dark clouds.   

From start to finish, these pieces of wearable art are developed with love and passion for nature and its beautiful botanical displays. But more importantly, they are meant to make every BODY feel like a masterpiece and inspire everybody to find that paradise state of mind.  

As a perfect companion for your morning coffee or tea, honeymoon, wedding day, bridal party, tropical vacation, or self-care Sunday, this versatile and modern kimono robe will be sure to take you away.
Silk robes are a final sale.
  • 100% silk charmeuse fabric
  • French seams throughout
  • 7/8 length kimono sleeve
  • Side seam pockets
  • Flat belt loops
  • Extra wide sash
  • Interior tie-up
  • Inspired in paradise, ethically hand-made in Vancouver, Canada
Care for silk robes 
  • Please dry clean only
  • All of the silk robes are made of 100% silk charmeuse and are not meant to get wet. 
  • Note that silk is a 100% natural woven fabric, and given that the silk robes are finished with French seams, this implies the possibility you will see some stray threads at seams.  
  • DO NOT pull threads from your robe, instead use small scissors to trim with caution. 
  • When you receive your robe, and to freshen it between cleaning, steam or iron with care at low temperature.  
  • Fabric and seams may seem stiff when new, and they will soften with ironing and wear.
  • Ensure iron face is smooth and won't snag your fabric.