Marie Jo Jane Push-Up Bra | DUNE

Size Chart Right
Size: A34
Color: Dune

The Marie Jo Jane Push-Up Bra in DUNE creates a sensual cleavage lined with delicate embroidery. The removable padding in cups A-C allows you to choose more or less lift. Wearing a vibrant colour undergarment, is good for the soul and puts a kick in your step!

Marie Jo Jane Push-Up is likely a fitter and customer fave across the globe. This lined, plunge cut bra, reaveals the 'love' in the centre on even the softest-of-tissue bosom! If you're in the A-C cups range, having the removable pad can also make up for a difference in cup size.

This everyday bra is a post-nursing mom choice.

This is a special order item. Please email to ask us to order it for you.

Fit Tips:

  • accurate band and cup depth in sizes A-C
  • sister sizing from C to D is not a direct sister-size...please email for fit advice if uncertain
  • if there is up to a full cup size difference between breasts, the pad can be doubled up on the shallower side
  • lace overlay accommodates any spillage or 'maxing' of the cups
  • 30 bands only manufactured in BLACK and FASHION colours 
  • great for smaller bosoms as the wire is wide and the cup is shallow