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Metamorphosis brings together key elements of Bordelle design. This collection experiments with innovative new shapes to create an array of multi-style pieces and layering bodywear. 

The first installment is Kora, inspired by the story of Persephone. Also known as Kora, the Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld, she is personified by the constellation of Virgo in Greek mythology. 

The experimental range contrasts heavy gold hardware with luxuriously soft mesh to create an eclectic mix of wearable lingerie and daring outerwear styles. Structured panelling imitates armour, fitting for the strong and powerful goddess Persephone.

Secrets from your sister loves the freedom that Kora offers. Showing off these remarkable pieces is a pleasure!

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The Sleep Shirt...NEW cozy styles for cooler weather now in stock!

The Sleep Shirt is exactly what it sounds like—a brand of Canadian made shirts made for sleeping.

Meet founder Alexandra Suhner Isenberg!

'I started The Sleep Shirt in 2012 in Vancouver, where I grew up...I realized that I didn’t know any good places to buy nice women’s nightwear—not silk slips or satin robes, but ladies luxury cotton pyjamas. And just like that, The Sleep Shirt was born.'

The majority-female team is in Vancouver and most of the manufacturing is done there, too, in an ethical factory that pays its staff above the minimum wage.

At SFYS, we're very excited to share this female operated, Canadian made brand of sleepwear to our clients. Investment in quality pieces is important to us here and The Sleep Shirt fits right in!

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Luxury Erotic Wear Collection

We’re not only renowned for our bra fitting! SFYS is well known for curating an exclusive Luxury Erotic Wear Collection. This very enjoyable highlight of our shop is designed to allow our clients an opportunity to explore the many aspects of pleasure while being well ‘suited’ in quality couture. Seductive, provocative, our collection is meant to encourage pleasure and is designed for play. Come and peruse our Luxury Erotic Wear Collections or SHOP OUR FEED below on our exclusive Instagram Erotic feed @sfys_erotic.

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