Trying on your new bra!

Your new bra just arrived, now what?

Follow these quick tips on assessing the fit of your new bra/

  • leave the tags on
  • make sure your body is clean and dry
  • deodorant/ cream/ fragrance can mark/absorb into items, trying on after bathing is safer
  • do not wear for over 5 minutes - we do not accept worn bras for exchange
  • if the bra doesn't fit or you don't like it, wrap it right back up and send us an email

How to put on the bra/

  • hook up in the front on the loosest set of hooks with wires facing up in a 'W' shape.
  • gently twist around and shimmy up to fit underneath your breasts
  • if you do your bra up behind your back, slip arms through the straps, do up the hooks on the loosest column and shimmy the wire up to rest under your bosom.
  • pinch the underwire of your bra with your fingers at the bottom on your right side with your right hand. With your left hand, dive your hand downwards into the right cup and pull your bosom 'up and in' towards the centre of your body. Repeat on the other side. This helps to ensure your bosom is fully in the cup. 
  • gently run your fingers across the top inside of the cup to allow the material to rest against your breast and to reduce the press on the bosom
  • make sure the wire is sitting under your bosom - you may need to shimmy the wire up a bit to make this happen. You may also need to pull gently on the fabric (never the lace), and pull up on the material to remove creasing under the bosom and above the wire. This is gently bringing the wire to the base of the bosom.


  • shrug your shoulders up and down
  • try to have about an inch of tension as a starting point
  • you may need to tighten or loosen the straps to help the bra to support properly
  • straps should be comfortable and can be adjusted at any point


  • take a deep breathe
  • sit down and lean back
  • move your arms back and forth
  • try on a shirt
  • these steps allow you to assess your comfort in the bra 

Fit questions/

  • breasts are not the same on each side - expect to see small gaping, wrinkling of fabric or space on one side of the cup...especially in lined bras. This is normal.
  • there may be a press in the skin at the top of the bosom. Material does not always stretch and will press into skin. This is normal. If it looks good under a shirt, it's ok.
  • there may be bosom pillowing out of the bra top and sides and is quite visible under a shirt. Something may not be right, please send us an email so we can help out!

I don't think it fits/

  • remove the bra, wrap it back up in the tissue and in a ziploc bag it came in and give us an email right away.