Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra | OPEN AIR

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An iconic Prima Donna cut, Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra is a three-piece full cup bra with checked fabric and flirty lace along the cleavage and straps. Open Air is an intense shade of pastel blue with luxuriant pink flowers – a look that is both funky and romantic.

With the stretch lace across the top of this 3 part cup comes an ease in fit. You sacrifice a bit of support in exchange for accommodating a difference in bosom size or allowing to maximize the cups fit.

The band on the Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra is snug, offering a good 'held' feeling. We often compare to the band size up to see what feels the most comfortable.

The materials used by Prima Donna are high quality and you feel these luxuries when you invest in this top selling bra. Prima Donna has been making bras for over 100 Years. You will be extremely satisfied by the quality offered by this brand.

Fit Tips:

  • long time SFYS fitter and customer top choice
  • very snug band
  • accurate but deep cup 
  • super soft fabric and wire