BYE BRA Rabbit Silicone Cups

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Bye Bra is the leader in adhesive breast lift tapes in Europe and made from a 3M medical adhesive. We provide adhesive breast lift tapes from cup A-H in a variety of colors. A simple, but successful strapless bra. Works best for garments that are backless, plunge and have open sides.

  • not yet available in different skin tones but we hope this will come soon!
  • sizing based on cup size: A-C, D-F, F-H


  • make sure to apply to clean, dry, skin - no moisturizer!
  • peel off the adhesive plastic cover and store aside for after-use.
  • apply the bottom of the cup to just below your bosom, not at the torso but where it starts to round up from your torso.
  • angle slightly towards the centre of your body and gently pull up and in.
  • press the top down when you've reached your desired lift.
  • if it doesn't work, or is uneven, peel off and try again!
  • NOTE: if your breast tissue is very soft, skin may press out at the sides. You may have to live with this. In this case, the Bye Bra Breast lift tape may be more foregiving.