Bordelle SS21 a study of distant and dangerous places...Explore the Unknown

‘That which is dangerous to us can often draw us in with its beauty. In nature this is especially true, whether it be in the vivid colours and markings of deadly animals, or in undiscovered depths of dark waters.' 

'Rey, shortened from Reynisfjara, is the name of a beautiful but deadly black sand beach in Iceland. The collection has been inspired by the freedom of solo travel, and the journey of famous female motorcyclist Elspeth Beard, the first British woman to motorcycle around the world. With structural and contemporary shapes, the collection explores the inner workings of motorbikes. Oversized gold hardware contrasts against soft stretch fabrics, with both sheer and opaque panels.

Inspired by the functionality and intricacy of machinery,’ Bordelle introduces ‘a brand new bespoke 24K gold plated component which is both luxurious and functional, connecting wide band elastic to narrow elastic strapping.’

Bordelle continues to become a more sustainable company by searching out and using more recycled and sustainable fabrics. SS21 introduces two new stretch fabrics: a soft and breathable recycled open-knit mesh, and a smooth, contouring recycled jersey.

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